domingo, março 13, 2011

A Little Piece Of Me

Our love had been so strong for far too long,
I was weak with fear that
something would go wrong,
before the possibilities came true,
I took all possibility from you

I Can see how you are beautiful, can you feel my eyes on you,
I'm shy and turn my head away

Must have stabbed her fifty fucking times,
I can't believe it,
Ripped her heart out right before her eyes,
Eyes over easy

Talk to me, show some pity
You touch me in many, many ways
But I'm shy can't you see
Obsessed by you, your looks, well
anyway "I would any day die for you"

You had my heart, at least for the most part
'Cause everybody's gotta die sometime,
We fell apart, let's make a new start
'Cause everybody's gotta die sometime, yeah, yeah
but baby don't cry

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